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Find the right places to eat and drink nice and inexpensive in Munich. Restaurant guide How do I get around in Munich? Read all about it in our access guide. What is there to do? Take a look at our culture guide to learn more.

Munich hotels, Germany

Welcome to the hotel guide Munich. More than 400 hotels, pensiones and guesthouses are available!. Additional information like location, rates and equipment. Short descriptions of the hotels will help you in you decide where to stay in Munich. The Munich accommodation guide offers you the finest houses in Germany. We guarantee you lower prices, and will find the best hotels in Munich for you.
Whether you are looking for a cheap and affordable hotel, an exclusive and luxury hotel or just a good value for money. We'll find the your hotel in Munich for you. Up to 70% off! Search for available Munich hotels:

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The Hotel Astoria with its rich tradition is situated at the idyllic Nikolaiplatz, in the heart of Old-Schwabing, Munich's best known district. Its excellent site between the pulsating Boulevard Leopoldstrasse and the famous English Garden is unique.

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