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Reserving online at the best resorts, inns and hotels in Madrid, Spain, Espania. The Madrid accommodation guide offers you direct and easy access to a range of hotels, complete with up-to-date availability information. On the Madrid hotel guide you will find special offers and last minutes, including real-time booking facilities for all hotels in Madrid. We will find the best accomodation for you.


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Netherlands : 020-201 53 15
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Hotel Victoria 4 houses in an completely refurbished building from 1850, where you can enjoy classic elements, but also latest technology. This beautifull 5 floors building, has 51 rooms. Victoria 4 Hotel also welcomes anyone who wants to have a coffee or to enjoy the restaurant!

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Find the right places to eat and drink nice and inexpensive in Madrid. Restaurant guide How do I get around in Madrid? Read all about it in our access guide. What is there to do? Take a look at our culture guide to learn more.
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